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Empowerment is the deep feeling of joy and freedom that arises when we remember who we are at our core and how to consciously align with our inner power to create any experience we can imagine for our lives.  Every person has within them the power to create their life as they choose, but very few people remember how to do this.

Through her Self Empowerment Programs and Services, referred to as Big Little Reminders™, Melissa Casas guides clients in how to reconnect with their core self and deepest experience of empowerment and use the extraordinary abilities of their mind to create the unique and joy-filled life each one is here to experience!

Some Big Little Reminders to get you started....

This site is rich with information and tools to help you begin today to activate your core sense of empowerment and discover just how much power you hold in this moment to begin creating the experiences you most desire for your life!

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