3-C Communication


3-C Communication™ is a powerful self-cultivation method to develop Clean, Clear, Caring Communication with ourselves and the world.  3-C Communication™ is an inside-out approach to communication, strengthening both intra-personal communication (how we communicate with ourselves) and inter-personal communication (how we communicate with others):

How we communicate with ourselves is the foundation for how we communicate with the world:

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Study Guides
How well we...                                         
Listen to ourselves
Trust our feelings
Tell ourselves the truth
Honor our intuition
Refrain from judging ourselves
Treat ourselves with care and dignity
Believe in ourselves
Follow our natural way

Is how well we...
Listen to others
Validate another's feelings
Communicate our truth to others
Honor another's intuition
Refrain from judging others
Treat one another with care and dignity
Encourage and believe in others
Avoid controlling and interfering with others

3-C Communication™ is a method for cultivating ourselves so that we develop a clean, clear path to our core self and create our lives from the true self image of who we really are. Our feelings are powerful indicators of our relationship with ourselves, though too often we are not aware of what we’re truly feeling, leaving us to continue reacting (and creating our reality) from a distorted story we're telling ourselves. Self-cultivation starts with cleaning up our thinking and freeing our mind of the judgments, assumptions and comparisons that create conflict, override intuition, and compromise well-being.

A cultivated, “cleaned-up” mind leads to clear access of the felt-knowledge and deeper knowing within us, guiding us to be aware of what we are feeling and believing so that we can continuously make new choices about what we want to experience in our lives. By caring about ourselves and how we feel, and realizing that we have the power to change our experience the moment we change our point of focus, we take responsibility for creating our own life and release others from any blame or control over our experience. 
3-C Communication™ keeps us grounded in the present moment, giving us access to the greatest source of guidance within us, our true self.  Through this inner practice of self-awareness, we are then able to give others the same gift we have given ourselves: Clean, Clear, Caring Communication.