Exercises to Empower Your Mind

The key to cultivating self empowerment is to exercise your freedom to focus your mind and choose what to think about and how to think about it.  The best question you can ask yourself on a regular basis is, "Am I thinking about what I want to experience, or what I don't want to experience?"   And if you will pay attention to the feelings within you, you can feel, every time, the direction in which you are focused.

Why is our choice of thoughts so important?  Because every thought we think vibrates and pulses with energy, and the energy of the thoughts we think either harmonizes with our powerful inner core energy, or muddies our inner waters by creating a feeling of discord.  The good news is, we can feel whether the thoughts we are thinking are empowering us, or disempowering us, in the moment we are thinking the thoughts!

Give Your Thoughts A Tune Up!

Exercise: Who Am I?   Click here for exercise

Exercise: Quieting The Mind   Click here for exercise

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The exercises below are designed to help you to tune your thoughts to the higher vibration that is naturally who you are.  Just as the tuning fork holds the perfect vibrational pitch through which a piano can be easily tuned, we carry within the core of us a perfect vibrational pitch through which we can easily tune up our thoughts by paying attention to the way our thoughts feel...  and seeking the best feeling thoughts we can find!