Self Empowerment Programs and Services

True self empowerment comes from understanding that no matter what situation we are experiencing, we have immediate access to an inner power that gives us the ability to begin to create a new experience in any moment as we choose a new focus of our thoughts.

Each self empowerment program and service is designed to give clients the information and tools to consciously create the life they want to experience, and will guide clients in how to: 

Self Empowerment Coaching Program
For Individuals, Couples and Small Groups

The Self Empowerment Coaching Program is the cornerstone program that guides clients through a powerful, highly effective process of remembering and reconnecting with their true self; understanding the language of their feelings; and using the innate abilities of the mind to consciously create the life that they choose!  For more information on this powerful program, please click here.

3-C Communication Organizational Training Program
For Professional and Leadership Development

To uplift the members of your organization to new levels of empowerment and positive communication, please click here for more information on this very special professional development program!

Big Little Reminders Empowering Talks Series
For Groups and Organizations

Feeling inspired and uplifted is the key to accessing self empowerment and living with optimum health and well-being.  The following Empowering Talks are designed to offer your group or organization powerful information in bite-size nuggets that can be immediately applied and practiced in life:

A Big Little Reminder
Who You Are, Why You're Here, and the One Question That Can Change Your Life

It Matters What You Think
Accessing Your Empowerment One Thought At A Time

The Power of Small Change
How One New Thought Can Change Your Life

For More Information...

To contact Melissa Casas Consulting to schedule an Empowering Talk with your group or organization, please click here.

Self Empowerment Programs and Services
Melissa Casas, M.A.
Study Guides
- Deepen self-awareness and confidence

- Cultivate feelings of joy and well-being in every area of life

- Allow desires, goals and new experiences to manifest effortlessly

- Learn clear and effective decision-making skills

- Understand the cause (and remedy) of stress, anxiety and worry
- Develop powerful listening and communication abilities

- Build trusting, respectful relationships

- Resolve conflicts and diffuse tensions

- Positively influence and inspire others

- Move through change with ease, flexibility and resiliency